These are the stories my life had me write.


These girls. 

These girls who walk, act, dress, and talk like trash. These girls who throw themselves at anyone with two feet and a phallic-shaped organ. These girls who tell strangers their “I was so f*cked up!” stories. These girls who pride themselves in their ability to take a few drugs, get drunk, and survive the night. These girls who wake-up next to strangers after “a crazy night” that they don’t remember. These girls who party too much and only date guys who benefit them. These girls who think that sexual jokes are the only jokes that are funny. These girls who get offended when they’re called a slut despite the fact that they have slept with just about everyone.

These girls. They have a lot to learn.

They want to be with good boys who’ll treat them right, but they lack self-respect. They want respect, but they do nothing to earn it. 

Fact: boys who’ll pounce on anything with a vagina aren’t looking for a good woman; they’re looking for sex.

Fact: Respect is earned; not given.

I wonder when they’ll figure out that no one’s going to treat them like a lady for as long as they act like trash.